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Teaching staff

Martin Kjellqvist
phone: 060-148595
E-mail : martin.kjellqvist@miun.se

Victor Kardeby

Stefan Forsström


Lena Höijer
phone: 060-148688
E-mail : itmexp@mh.se

Lena Höijer, provides assistance with everything concerning reporting of grades and course registration issues.


The course exam is a regular written exam. You find dates and rooms on your timetable. You must register for the exam at The Student Portal / My Services / Ladok  / Exam. You can only register to the exam by using this web interface. 

If you are unable to attend at the regular exam location you can use the form for off campus exams. Att the current moment it seems to only be available in Swedish, ask a classmate or Lena Höijer or your teacher for help if required.



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