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Lab assignments

Before you begin

Before you start you programming assignments it is important that you are familiar how you are expected to complete the assignments. To get started with the actual programming you can start with lab zero you shall not hand in this assignment. You can also look at the first examples at The Java tutorial, Getting started: Hello World. Make sure that you understand the examples provided, and that you can recreate them.

For each of the assignments it is important that you study the instructions carefully, so that you are certain what you are supposed to do, and what you should deliver. Details in your output, contradicting the instructions, might fail your lab. In several situations you are required to make assumptions about a problem, make this a reasonable one. If you have questions about an assignment, ask for clarification before you hand it in.

In void main/Links page there are several links providing helpful information. (many of these links are however in swedish).

General instructions

For a passing grade you are required to

  • have written the java code yourself. Collaboration is oftentimes very beneficial and is expected, but your final java code should be your own product.
  • To pass the lab section in this course you will have to pass all lab assignments.

You are of course allowed to redo a failed assignment.

Assignment instructions and tutoring

Each instruction can be found at the links on the left hand side. If anythis is unclear or ambiguos in the instruction, make a note on that page. Tutoring, hints and other kinds of assistance are provided at the on campus scheduled lab sessions, and by the discussion forum. Where both teaching staff and your classmates are able to respond.

Development environment

A development enivironment is where you actually write and debug your java programs. A development environment can consist of anything ranging from the simplest text editor like Notepad, along the java standard edition compiler tools, to very large software solutions. We will mainly use the full-fledged integrated development environment NetBeans IDE packaged with the later java distributions. (see links).

Part of the learning goals is to be able to use an environment like NetBeans.

Java source code.

Variables, classes and methods shall be namned as conventions apply, and making their meaning clear. Indentation should be applied appropriately. Your java source code should be well commented, making each code section's meaning clear.

All java source files must have a header comment describing at a minimum the following:

  • Your name
  • Date
  • Course name or course code
  • Lab number


Before you hand in each lab, make sure it actually fulfills the specification given by the instructions.

You hand in labs at the form Hand in lab >>.

Most labs will consist of several java files, and sometimes several directories. Use an archive tool like zip to compress these files/directories into one file.

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