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Course Overview

Class: Period 1, 2012 

Lecture Date & Time: Lecture 1 on Schema

The Lecture series consists of 12 lectures 2 hours each.  Lecture times, and locations are available here.

Course Textbooks Referenced: Literature


  1. Review of previous course. Language constructs, virtual machine. No material available.
  2. Collections
  3. Java I/O 
  4. GUI: Swing components. Menus
  5. GUI: Layout managers.
  6. GUI: Event handling.
  7. Inheritance, the is -a relationship.
  8. Interfaces, the is-a relationship without a class hierarchy.
  9. Threading.
  10. Networking
  11. Exceptions. Handling exceptions and defining your own.
  12. GUI: JTable, Images.



 Lecture Slides: Available after the Lecture

Assignment: Java Basics

Development Resources:

(the resources below are non-platform specific and installation instructions are located at each link) 

Online Meeting Room: Adobe Connect Room 
The meeting room may only be used in relation to the course. Meeting times will be made known if and when required.

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