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Website for Introductory programming in Java

Previous exams can be found by the links to the left.

Google has kindly translated the one from 070901.  I will post a few more during the week.

This website contains, short of the required litterature, all the information you need to complete the course. Besides lecture notes and lab materials you have in these pages access to lab results, exam information, links to relevant material and exercises. There is also a discussion forum where you can discuss Java and all that is related to the course. The discussion forum is shared with Swedish language students. Not all swedish students will be comfortable in asking questions and/or replying in English; they are however well aware of the situation and I hope this will not pose a problem. At first you should browse through the site map to learn the structure of this website.

If you find a given page given in Swedish instead of English, even though your setting is to show English pages, that page is not translated yet.Make a request in the forum.

If you find this website malfunctioning in some way, please contact Martin Kjellqvist with a description of the problem.

Learning goals

The course is based om lab excersises and a written exam. You will have to pass these two sections to get an approved grade on the course.

Java I is an introductory course in Java, with no programming skill prerequisites. It treats Java as a first language. The contents are e.g.

  • Variables and expressions
  • Classes and objects
  • Control structures
  • Console Input / Output
  • File I/O
  • Central algorithms for arrays and simple data structures. In particular sorting.

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